Catalan Police kills a man for no reason in Barcelona #PeopleWitness (October 2013)

Vídeo de Isla Berona.

These are the words of Edi Emilov, a neighbour of Aurora Street, Raval, Barcelona (Spain). The killed man was 50 and was called Juan Andrés

There are some links at the end of the description for further information.

“When everything was over, the ambulances were gone, I saw a mosso getting out of a police car right there, he took a bottle of water, the puddle of blood was in front of either this one, either this other door, it was around here, a pool of blood, so he came with the bottle of water, he threw it on, you know?, he covered it up, he cleaned it, you know? “The Mossos left too, “come on, let’s go, good bye”, five minutes later Neteja [cleaning service] passed through, twenty minutes later people was passing by drunk, partying again like nothing happened, you know?, like no one cares, you know?, like a cockroach was dead, a piece of shit was dead, I don’t know, we didn’t know what to do”

Twitter: #MortXMossos #Aurora16 [Catalan/Spanish]

Audio source:… [Spanish]

Local news:… [Spanish]… [Catalan]… [Catalan]… [Catalan]… [Catalan]


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